A video has emerged on social media, showing a 16-month old baby displaying her swimming skills just like former American Olympian Michael Phelps The viral video has had over 400k views has the time of filing this report. The baby though appears to have been learning how to swim for a while now. However, the courage and guts to do it is incredibly fascinating. Her skills reminds of the popular Phelps. He remains the most successful and most decorated Olympian […]

Wendy Fiore is one whose attractiveness makes it even hard for any man to concentrate on anything else, especially if you are one who appreciates beauty then you will agree when you see one. There are some women whose beauty is totally breathtaking; one of such women is Wendy Fiore, and she is a celebrity well-known due to her hot photos. So who is she and what is so unusual in her appearance? This lady is not shy to show […]