The End Special Anti-Robbery Squad (EndSARS) or #EndSARS is a social movement in Nigeria that started on Twitter calling for banning of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigerian Police Force. It is a call to end police oppression and brutality in Nigeria. The protests started as a social media campaign using the hashtag #ENDSARS to demand for Nigeria’s government to scrap and end the deployment of Nigeria Police Force Special Anti-Robbery Squad, popularly known as SARS. As […]

There have been multiple reports share on social media (SEE REPORT) claiming Nigeria ’s government has pledged $600 million to the campaign of US presidential candidate Joe Biden because incumbent Donald Trump had supported a separatist group in the west African country. This allegations remain false. There is no evidence that Nigeria has vowed to fund Biden, an act  prohibited by US law. Similarly, the claim that Trump had backed a separatist group in Nigeria is baseless. It also alleges that Lai Mohammed made the […]

Imaginatively, you could probably create a mental picture of your office right now; perhaps it’s literally by the cafeteria, or maybe it’s in the kitchen, or near the elevators. It’s the place co-staff gather for friendly banter and to catch up on the previous weekend to have a chat of the football matches, and the random conversations you have there are an important part of the glue that holds the workplace together. That kind of casual bonding with co-staff can […]