Fulani Herders Chop off Councillor-elect Head and His Cousin

In the Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State, kidnappers believed of being herders beheaded a councillor-elect, Paul Ojile, and his cousin, Agbo Onogwu.

Before his death, Ojile was elected a councillor for Orokam ward 3 on April 30th, 2022, and was set to be sworn in later that month.

According to reports, Ojile and Onogwu vanished on Thursday, June 17 and were discovered dead on Friday, June 17.

Sunny, a neighborhood resident, said the two had gone in search of the kidnap victims on Thursday, joining hunters and members of vigilante organizations within the villages.

“The problem started on Wednesday when some Fulani herdsmen abducted two residents of Orokam, the councillor-elect and his cousin joined other groups of hunters and vigilantes as well as security men in search of the kidnap victim only to discover that the councillor-elect and his cousin had been beheaded,” the resident said.

The tragedy was confirmed by the Chairman of the local government, Samuel Onu, who stated that the councillor-elect and his cousin were beheaded.

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He bemoaned the fact that both the Owupa and Orokam communities had recently been victims of abductions carried out by alleged Fulanis.

“There was a kidnapping yesterday; in fact, the herders had been plaguing the area for the last three days, and there had been continual kidnapping in the local government,” he explained.

“They left one community in Owukpa and traveled to Orokam, kidnapping one individual along the way.” A hunter is the Councillor-elect who lives in the village. He, his cousin, other hunters, and the vigilante with Operation Zenda went into the woods to see if they could find the kidnapped man.”

“They discovered two of them were gone when they were supposed to return yesterday (Thursday), but they were able to apprehend two herders.” They were able to check again this morning (Friday) and discovered their lifeless bodies – the Councillor-elect and his cousin.

“Operation Zenda had brought the arrested ranchers to Makurdi,” he said, adding that the traditional heads of Owukpa and Orokam had been imploring the youngsters who had been blocking highways in the area.

“We’ve all been conversing with them. The chairman continued, “It’s a little bit calmer now.”

In Benue, suspected kidnappers assassinate a councillor-elect and his cousin.

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