Britni Church, 33-year-old Mum of 12 Children Ends Childbirth After 17 Years (Photos)

Britni Church of Arkansas City, Kansas, 33-year-old mum of 12 children after giving birth in the last 17 years says she is done having children.

Church was 16 years old when she gave birth to her first kid in 2004.

She had three additional children between the ages of 17 and 19, then four more in her twenties, and triplets at 30.

She is done having children, says the mother of 12 children who has been giving birth for the past 17 years (photos)

Britni gave birth to another child two years later, at the age of 32, bringing her total to 12 children and indicating that she had been pregnant on and off for nearly 17 years.

She now claims that she is done having children, but her husband disagrees.

‘I think I’m done,’ Britni told Today, adding that her 30-year-old husband Chris would love to have more children.

She is done having children, says the mother of 12 children who has been giving birth for the past 17 years (photos)

Silas, seven years old, Christopher Jr., five years old, Oliver, Asher, and Abel, three years old, and Rowyn, 11 months, are the couple’s children.

Britni is also the mother of six older children from two prior marriages. Crizman is 17, Jordan is 16, Caleb is 14, Jace is 13, Cadence is 12, and Jesalyn is ten.

Britni raised her children as a single mother for three years until meeting Chris in 2014.

She is done having children, says the mother of 12 children who has been giving birth for the past 17 years (photos)

Crizman, her oldest kid, recently graduated from high school.

“With the exception of the triplets, they were all vaginal,’ she noted. ‘I had a C-section with them.”

Britni’s TikTok account @ourlargefamilylife, which has over 1.8 million followers, records her family life. People are attracted by large families, she told Today, and they have inquiries about everything from groceries to cars.

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She claims that the family eats meals together at a Chris-built 12-seat table. In addition, each youngster shares a room with a sibling.

They travel in a 15-seat Ford Transit that they bought following the birth of their triplets when they’re all together.

I Am Done After 17 Years of Having Kids - 33-year-old Mum of 12 children (Photos)

According to the mother, the children use up to two gallons of milk per day, costing them around $200 per month.

The 33-year-old mum of 12 Children claims she’s been accused of everything from benefit fraud to contributing to population growth.

“I used to care so much about what others thought of me,’ she said in a recent video. Don’t allow the snide remarks affect you. ‘Be a person who spreads happiness!”

People often make assumptions about her huge family, she told Today.

“I am frequently asked, ‘Are you Catholic?’ “Are you a religious person?” I’m Pentecostal, but that has nothing to do with the number of people I have.”

‘We’re happiest when we’re all together,’ she continued.

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