Be Just and Fair, It’s South-East’s Turn to Be President – Onu

Ogbonnaya Onu, a presidential candidate, has stated that Nigeria’s next president should be from the south-east.

Onu, who served as the immediate past Minister of Science and Technology, asked APC leaders to choose its presidential candidate for the 2023 elections with equity and fairness.

He recalled that the country’s President and Vice President had come from the South-West and South-South regions.

The contender pointed out that neither a President nor a Vice President had come from the South-East.

“I am going to expand on the work that this government and prior leaders of our great nation have already done,” he said. Nigeria is meant to be a big nation, according to God. Nigeria is a country that grows enough food to feed its people while also exporting it.

He said, “I am going to build on the work already done by this administration and previous leaders of our great nation. Nigeria is destined by God to be a great nation. Nigeria is a nation to grow enough food for its people and export the surplus, and to ensure our Naira regains the strength it used to have before.

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“Using science, technology and innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship and ensuring Nigerians are educated; and making it compulsory at the primary and secondary levels, will make Nigeria ranked in the stature of the USA and China.

“That is why I decided to run for President and make sure we build a nation that every Nigerian will be happy to be a citizen of.

“I appeal to the leadership of the APC, you know the role I played in bringing the APC into being. I paid for the money that was used to register for the party (in 2014). We must uphold the motto of the APC to ensure justice, peace and prosperity.

“After President Muhammadu Buhari, it should be somebody from the South-East to succeed him; it will strengthen the unity of Nigeria.

“The South-West has had eight years as President and Vice President since the inception of this Fourth Republic in 1999; the South-South have had a President in Goodluck Jonathan; where is the justice? We need to do what is right.”

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