Tonto Dikeh Sets Social Media Ablaze After Revealing Private Part During Pay (VIDEO)

Tonto Dikeh, a popular Nollywood actress, drew conflicting reactions after showing her private parts while playing on a playground.

Tonto Dikeh took to Instagram to share a video that has gone viral of her visiting a playground with her son, King Andre, and several others.

In the video, the actress somersaulted while having fun with her family at the playground, revealing her private parts in the process.

Some viewers on social media questioned how the actress could have exposed such a private area of her body.

Tonto Dikeh, in response to the backlash, remarked that even if social media users saw her private parts, they could not touch them.

See video below:

She went on to say that viewers can choose to zoom in on the video, but they won’t be able to see her in person.

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“If you like zoom zoom zoooo THE one thing you will see is a really clean, it smells wonderful tooo but such a shame y’all cant smell it,” Tonto Dikeh posted on her Instagram account.

“You can’t TOUCH IT even if you see it, no be juju be THATTTTTT.”

“Now Dancing Ikwere does a dance for all the screenshotters.”

This comes after Tonto Dikeh announced on the subscription-based website OnlyFans that she would be blocking her pastor so that she may shake her ‘cosmetic enhanced buttocks’ to her fans.

“I have decided to get an onlyfanpage(sic), because I want to shake this bum bum my doctor gave me that doesn’t shake for you all,” she wrote.

“If this one works, ehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I’m going to do a virtual Ikwerre lap dance in private. In the end, we have to make this money.”

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