Parenting: Schwarzenneger Allegedly Exposing Daughter Pena to Hard Drugs and Alcohol

A blogger has blasted comedian and actress Afia Schwarzenneger on social media for her poor parenting skills.

It’s no secret that some Ghanaian celebrities are notorious for abusing hard drugs and consuming alcoholic beverages. Afia Schwar is no different, as videos and photos of her smoking have surfaced on the internet.

Afia Schwarzenneger, a singer, has been accused of being one of the worst parents when it comes to her children’s training. Afia Schwar allegedly exposed her 6-year-old daughter Pena to narcotics by sending her on errands to get ‘rolled cannabis’ for her to smoke, according to a source.

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According to the source, this has introduced her young daughter to the dangers of marijuana and alcoholic beverages. A way of life that is gradually leading the little girl astray.

“Pena go bring me my cannabis, then Pena will go bring Morda her rolled weed,” the insider stated on Instagram. Pena will go and bring Morda her Hennessey if Pena kcfa men as no bra me. That’s what you call decent parenting, according to some of you. You should either read about what it takes to be a good parent or question your parents about it. Pena, yi boi, is a secondhand smoker.”

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