Expect the Future from Me – 16-Year-Old Programmer – John Oseni

After an extraordinary run as a web developer in Nigeria, John Oseni, a 16-year-old talented Nigerian child, has made it to Italy. Following claims that he had been given a job by an Italian corporation, John Oseni, a sixteen-year-old Nigerian web developer, became a trending topic online. He discusses his passion and achievements…

Tell us about your background.

John Oseni is my name. I am sixteen years old. In February, I turned sixteen. My hometown is Yewa North in the state of Ogun. In my family, I am the fourth child. My father is a biochemistry professor, and my mother is a retired civil official. Command Day Secondary School in Akure was where I finished my secondary school education. I worked in the technology division.

What are your current activities?

I’m a computer programmer. I’ve worked for 16 to 17 different startups. In addition, I am aiming to build my own business and believe in a future driven by nature. Nature will be used to power automobiles, phones, and other devices. Although the company has yet to be incorporated, I already have a research team in the United States, Canada, and Nigeria. My lawyer is working on it as well.

According to a recent web claim, you were offered employment by an Italian corporation. Could you explain what happened?

I’m the type of man who doesn’t have a programming certificate. The majority of the jobs I get come from referrals. In Italy, I work at two different companies. Someone referred me to them, and before I knew it, the corporations were contacting me; I had never met them before. They appointed me as the leader of the blockchain team.

What are the businesses’ names?

Cryptonite and Flywallet They wanted me to travel to Italy to meet the team, but I declined because I was still working. I had a meeting with the Ooni of Ife, who requested my presence. As a result, I had to inform the companies that I would be working remotely for the time being. Although I have a passport, the firms will fund my journey.

What did they tell you about the job’s requirements?

I was given some things to complete before I was hired.

When you told your parents about the offer, what did they say?

My parents agreed, but they were concerned about my security. My parents confiscated my laptop while I was taking my Senior School Certificate Examination, but I acquired another and used it at night to code. But, thank God, they did not prevent me from doing what I enjoy.

You stated that you did not receive web development instruction, therefore how did you obtain the skill?

Green Garage is a business in Akure, and some of its employees came to my school to teach us computer science. They held a competition, and a female student and I placed first out of roughly 80 students. They promised to give us a gift, but they never delivered. So I went to their office to inform them, but when I there, I discovered they had some dusty laptops that I could use to study programming. So I asked if I could use one of the laptops, and they agreed, but just for one day. They told me the next day that I would have to pay N160,000 for them to teach me coding alone, however, I begged them to allow me a week. So, after learning a programming language for a week, I began volunteering at a training center to educate people for free. I taught 20 to 25 people, including corps members, who had paid to learn at the center. To give them an excuse not to collect my training fee, I used to get up as early as 7 a.m. to clean the training center and run errands. It felt like I was performing a duty. With time, I learned more about blockchain and began to receive references. My life has been difficult, yet God has always been present.

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When did all of this occur?

It occurred near the end of 2020. I did some free work for several companies before committing to full-time coding last year. I currently write for several companies, but I am attempting to eliminate some of them in order to focus on my own. I have a few investors, but I’d like to take things slowly.

Many people would assume you’re studying for a university degree. Have you considered it?

I will attend school, but it will be an online degree so that I may continue working. I don’t think there’s enough time, so I’m going to multitask. I don’t want somebody to believe I’m not interested in going to school because I’ve seen money. I intend to pursue a doctorate in computer engineering. I feel that I should do all I can now in order to avoid having to do it later.

You stated that you began coding full-time in 2021 and have worked for various companies. So far, how much have you earned?

Because my account can only hold N1 million, I occasionally receive payments in cryptocurrency. So I collect cryptocurrency and deposit it in a different bank. I’d say I’ve amassed a sizable fortune.

How much is too much?

I’ve made millions, well over N10 million. I used to get N5 million in one go, with other payments coming monthly, some as salaries, but I never bought a car. I am putting everything I have into my company. At the age of 15, I made my first N1m. I was overjoyed; I felt like the richest man on the planet, but I had second thoughts after wasting half of the money on frivolous purchases. However, making millions no longer motivates me because the money is for my business.

Do you ever receive or read messages from folks who are skeptical of your story?

I’m not the type of person who takes the time to consider what others have to say. I don’t read the comments before I publish a post. Many people doubted me, including those I considered mentors. But because I have God, I don’t care what others say and let my outcomes speak for themselves.

Were your parents surprised by your accomplishments?

They are taken aback. They prayed for me and expressed gratitude to God for guiding me to the right decision. However, people used to believe that I was possessed by the Devil.

Are they now being overly protective of you?

They are, indeed. I don’t travel by car anymore.

Do you believe there is a link between your secondary school performance and what you do now?

At Command, I was in the top three of my class (Day Secondary School). My school was ecstatic. They wanted to connect me with the Chief of Army Staff so that I might contribute to the Nigerian Army’s website. The school was pleased with me and welcomed me.

What were the results of your SSCE?

I received eight A’s and a B. Technical drawing received a B, and I dislike technical drawing.

What would you say to Nigerians who are unfamiliar with the concept of coding?

Coding necessitates zeal. I used code to enhance myself, same to how Elon Musk did. He worked at PayPal as a developer. Coding is more akin to conversing with a computer and developing applications that help people solve problems. Crypto comes as a very secure digital access because it is decentralised. Even if hackers gain access, they will be unable to view anything because there is no information to show them.

How soon do you think gadgets in Nigeria would be powered by nature rather than electricity, as you stated?

We’ve started getting the formulas, so the next step is to secure the funds to put them into practice. I’m working with an architect in the United States to develop the company’s physical structure. I have a large number of volunteers. My life’s mission has yet to be realized. I’m not attempting to compete in the IT sector, but I believe my mission is still being fulfilled. I believe in God and hard work rather than luck. I planned to be a military in high school, but that changed when I was in SS2 during the COVID-19 lockdown.

I was bored at home and kept questioning myself what my life’s purpose was. That’s when I realized Green Garage owed me a prize, and that’s how it all began. I’m grateful for the opportunity provided by the pandemic.

What may people expect from you in the coming years?

Not in a few years, not even in the next five months. People must prepare for the future.

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