Abuja Corper Killed as Security Officials, Bandits Engage in Shootout

Aliyu, an Abuja Corper was murdered by a stray gunshot during a shootout between security officers and robbers on the Kaduna-Abuja Expressway.

The bandits were reportedly apprehended by security officers while attempting to cross the highway in Kasarami Village on Friday night.

The Abuja Corper was reportedly wounded in the head by a bullet while traveling to Kaduna in a commercial vehicle.

Approximately seven bandits were killed during the gunfire, according to a high-ranking police officer in the state who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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According to him, the victim was hit by a stray gunshot during a heavy shootout between security services and bandits who attempted to cross the main road at Kasarami hamlet, a route they use. At Rijana, however, security personnel, including troops, fought them and killed roughly seven of them while recovering motorcycles.

The corper was transported to Saint Gerald Hospital that night, but physicians verified that he was dead.

According to reports, the deceased was buried according to Islamic customs.

The police spokeswoman could not be reached at the time of reporting this article.

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