Buhari Ordered That The Twitter Ban Be Lifted on One Condition

On Friday, President Muhammadu Buhari stated that the prohibition on Twitter operations in Nigeria has been lifted on a conditional basis.

Buhari stated this in a countrywide broadcast to Nigerians on the 61st anniversary of the country’s independence.

Recognizing Twitter as a highly important medium, the President expressed concern that some users have exploited it to spread fake news and promote ethnic and religious prejudices.

He ordered that Twitter’s ban be lifted, but only if the presidential committee’s requirements are satisfied.

“Social media is an extremely helpful tool that has allowed millions of Nigerians to communicate with loved ones, market their companies, socialize, and obtain news and other information,” Buhari added.

The Ban Over Twitter Will Be Up Soon – FG

“However, recent occurrences have demonstrated that the internet is more than simply a harmless medium for disseminating information.

“To address these bad tendencies, the Federal Government of Nigeria stopped Twitter’s activities in Nigeria on June 5, 2021, allowing the government to put in place measures to address these issues.

Following the suspension of Twitter operations, Twitter Inc. reached out to the Federal Government of Nigeria to resolve the impasse. Subsequently, I constituted a Presidential Committee to engage Twitter to explore the possibility of resolving the issue.

“The Committee, along with its Technical Team, has engaged with Twitter and have addressed a number of key issues. These are National Security and Cohesion; Registration, Physical presence and Representation; Fair Taxation; Dispute Resolution; and Local Content.

“Following the extensive engagements, the issues are being addressed and I have directed that the suspension be lifted but only if the conditions are met to allow our citizens to continue the use of the platform for business and positive engagements.

Buhari went on to say that Nigeria is dedicated to ensuring that digital firms utilize their platforms to improve the lives of Nigerians while also respecting the country’s sovereignty and cultural traditions.

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