Young Man Allegedly Beat Father to Death After Taking Drugs

Muhammed Yusuf, a suspected 21-year-old drugs user, allegedly murdered his father in Kogi State. This was after the father allegedly confront him about his steady inhuman behaviors

On Wednesday evening, the incident occurred behind St Mary Primary School in Lokoja.

The deceased, named as Alhaji Ibrahim Yusuf, was in his late 70s, according to the NG Times.

The suspect is a secondary school graduate who, despite his father’s efforts, has steadfastly refused to continue his studies.

“I am their neighbor,” said an eyewitness who identified herself as Bello Nana to our journalist. I suggested the father that we should go to the barracks and use troops to take up the youngster because he had been misbehaving since yesterday morning.

“I got to work about 4 p.m. yesterday and was meant to shut by 12 a.m., but I ended up closing at 10 p.m. I knocked on the gate when I first arrived, but no one answered. I asked Baba to open the door for me when I came in with my key inside, but the boy replied that Baba was not present.

I asked him, where has baba been? And I know that Baba does not go out when it is six o’clock. He always locks his door. When I came in, I saw him in Baba’s room, and Baba doesn’t normally allow him to enter his room. Immediately I called my fiancee, telling him that this boy has killed his father because what is he doing in Baba’s room and Baba is not around.

“Then he called Baba number but Baba number was switched off. I now went to the Police station, and we came with SARS to arrest him. When we entered the room Baba was in a pool of blood still breathing, that was how we rushed him to the hospital. This morning, we heard the news that baba is dead, Bello Nana said.

DSP William Ovye Aya, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), verified the incident to NG Times on Thursday.

Aya stated that he had yet to get information about the incident.

The Nigeria Police Force, A Division, Lokoja, Kogi State, has the suspect in custody.

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