Yahoo Lessen Cultism in Nigeria – Twitter Users Debate

Tope, a Nigerian guy, recently turned to social media to advocate for Yahoo in the fight against cultism on university campuses.

The topic of “cultism” and its negative influence in colleges and society at large trended on major microblogging sites, Twitter, yesterday, and many individuals chimed in.

Overtime, the increase in Cultism have been a concern in Nigeria university but recently, one can conveniently say Cybercrime took over the narrative.

Many social media users also reflected on their school days and their encounters with cults – to put it bluntly, it was not a nice experience for them.

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Tope, on the other hand, believes that “yahoo” has reduced cultism on Nigerian university campuses, since one “non-violent” crime has substituted a formerly violent crime.

I think Yahoo reduced cultism in the university campuses and even amongst the young people generally.

One crime replaced another. But only that this one is non violent..

Boys discovered they could be doing jazz to get money instead of using it for some gun control. Lmao.

This tweet Sparks a lot of comment and engagement on Twitter, where alot of people aired there opinion about the matter

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