Thief Electrocuted While Trying to Steal Electric Cables in Yobe State

After being electrocuted in the early hours of Thursday, a suspected power cable thief perished. At around 1:30 a.m., the event occurred in the Nasarawa region of the Potiskum local government area in Yobe State.

Yobe is a Nigerian state in the northeast. It was founded on August 27, 1991, and is mostly an agricultural state. Borno State was divided into Yobe and Borno States. Damaturu is Yobe State’s capital, and Potiskum is the state’s largest city.

Mohammed Isah, also known as Bobby, was discovered dead on top of an electricity pole that provided power to a transformer in the region. An event which ordinarily present an assumption of Electrocuted accident.

According to reports, late Isah terrorized the neighborhood with damage, burglary, and stealing.

He was claimed to have served a number of prison sentences.

Some inhabitants of the region who did not want their names published claimed Bobby’s death is a huge relief after the suffering he caused the community.

They went on to say that the incident should act as a deterrent to other criminals or potential vandals in town.

Meanwhile, neighbors have urged authorities to step up efforts by launching more initiatives to engage the area’s teeming unemployed youths in order to lessen the threat of insecurity.

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