Tenant Beaten to Death by Landlord’s Son Over Rent Issues

Sam Omojola, the son of a landlord, has been detained in Oke Ijebu, Akure, the state capital of Ondo, for allegedly killing his father’s tenant.

During an argument between the victim and his father, Omojola is accused of hitting the deceased with a wood on the head.

It was learned that the conflict began when the landlord and the deceased tenant had a disagreement over the house rent.

After accusing the tenant of disrespecting him, the landlord phoned his son on the phone. Instead of questioning about what happened between his father and the deceased, the son grabbed a plank and smacked the renter in the head. The renter collapsed and started bleeding. He was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.

According to NG Times, the accused who initially feel the renter was pulling a prank was non challant about the situation. The man died few minutes after bleeding out.

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