Residents to Adopt Letter Writing As Kaduna Plan to Shut Down Telecommunications

Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has warned people to expect a telecommunications blackout as security forces prepare to begin offensives against bandits terrorizing areas of the state.

Kaduna is the capital of Kaduna State and once served as Northern Nigeria’s political center. It is situated on the Kaduna River in northern Nigeria. With its train and substantial road network, it serves as a commerce center and a key transportation hub as the entrance to northern Nigeria.

The governor made the news during a radio interview on Tuesday.

Some sections of the state, he claims, will be unaffected, with only local administrations experiencing instability sparked by constant attacks by murderous bandits being impacted.

Phone calls and internet browsing will be blocked, crippling telecommunications in the affected areas.

Six Persons Killed By Bandits in Kaduna Village

“The military and other security agencies have advised us to shut down telecommunication services in certain LGAs, but we are waiting for the security agencies to tell us which areas and when,” he said.

“However, I want the people of Kaduna State to understand that if they give us the green light tomorrow [Wednesday], we will shut down the following day.”

According to the NG Times, certain states, like Zamfara, have lately had success fighting rebels after shutting down services.

Due to the lack of communications connections, residents of the state have turned to ancient methods of communication such as letter writing and town weeping.

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