Police Officer Shoots 18-Year-old Jambite Dead In Lagos

An officer of the Nigerian Police Force shot and killed a teenager named Monsura Ojuade.
The deceased was only 18 years old when she died, and her first and second choices on her 2021/2022 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations form were Mass Communication and Accounting, respectively.

According to reports reaching NG Times, Ojuade was murdered by a sergeant from the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Yaba, Lagos State.

In the evening of Friday, September 10, a squad of anti-robbery officers from the SCIID reportedly attacked Mogaji Street, Ijesha, Surulere.

In an interview with the media, a community leader, Onikeku Adedayo, described how one of the cops approached him and demanded to know what he was doing outside at such a late hour.

“I told him that I was in front of my house and I am a community leader. He said it was too late and I should go inside,” he said

According to the community, he and a few others fled right away.

“I heard a gunshot less than three minutes later. The sister screamed that she had been shot, which I overheard. “The cops left the scene right away,” he added.

When the anti-robbery team came in the neighborhood, Ojuade was standing in front of her parents’ house. When she heard the ruckus outside, she apparently hurried inside, but one of the officers shot her.

Ojuade was wounded by a bullet that penetrated both of her thighs, according to Adedayo, and she was immediately bathed in blood.

The woman was brought to a private hospital in the community, where she was denied, according to NG Times.

She was carried back to Randle General Hospital, where she was treated for her injuries.

Ojuade, on the other hand, had already slumped and was unable to speak at this point.

The doctors tried to stem the bleeding by putting her on oxygen. They explained they couldn’t keep treating her since the bullet had damaged her bones, and she needed orthopaedic care.

We were referred to either Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital or Gbagada General Hospital. When we got to Igbobi, she was almost gone and we decided to take her to a private hospital, where she was confirmed dead. Although she was confirmed dead around 1.30 am on Saturday, I believe that she died within 30 minutes of the shooting,” Adedayo added.

A local, identified only as Ismail Oguntoyinbo, also confirmed the incident, saying that SCIID officers registered their presence in the village at the Ijesha Police Station.

They did not book their exit from the area, he added, after leaving sadness, tears, and blood in their wake.

“The Ijesha DPO claimed that the officers came to his station to inform that they wanted to investigate certain people they had arrested, and he gave them permission, but he had no idea they were planning a raid. He said, “The DPO refused to reveal their identities.”

The young girl who was killed was the third of her family’s three female offspring. Her life was cut short by the SCIID personnel after she scored 236 in the UTME and was seeking admission.

“After learning that she was deceased, her mother passed out more than five times on Saturday. When she was killed, we were processing her admission,” Oguntoyinbo added.

At the time of this revelation, the victims’ parents were too distressed to speak to reporters.

However, according to NG Times, Ojuade’s remains have been deposited in the Military Hospital morgue in Yaba.

Tosin stated the family would take legal action against the police during an interview with the Punch, the deceased sister. She described the dead as honest, courteous, loyal, and hardworking while demanding justice for her.

The SCIID has arrested and detained three cops who were allegedly involved in the raid. Sergeant Samuel Philips, according to the officer, was the officer who fired the shot.

Adekunle Ajisebutu, the state Police Public Relations Officer, stated in a statement that the cops were in the neighborhood to arrest a robbery suspect.

He mentioned that the officer who fired the shot had been arrested.

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