Okada Rider Hit to Death By a Car While Trying to Dodge Task Force Officer

An anonymous commercial motorcyclist, also known as an okada rider, was reportedly killed by a vehicle while been chased by Task Force on the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway at Ikeja.

When he died, he was allegedly fleeing from members of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Unit (task force), who stormed the location on Saturday morning.

The men assaulted the area at 11 a.m., according to NG Times, to enforce the okada ban on the highway and other restricted routes in the state.

Co-riders of the deceased were claimed to have gone on a rampage and started a fire on the highway, causing gridlock on the busy motorway. It was reported that a reinforcement of police officers from various formations was needed to disperse the enraged demonstrators. When our reporter arrived to the scene about 1 a.m., things had back to normal.

A member of the task force team pursued down the victim, caught up with him, and pushed him off the motorcycle, according to an eyewitness, Samuel Akintunde.

According to Akintunde, the cyclist fell on the road and was crushed by a fast vehicle, and the team then fled the scene.

The man said, “The taskforce men came around 11am to seize motorcycles. The okada riders made frantic efforts to evade arrest and the officials chased after them.  One of them caught up with the victim and they were both struggling with the motorcycle.

He shoved the rider off the bike, causing him to crash into the path of a speeding bus. He bled profusely from the head and died instantly. When the officials realized he was lifeless, they promptly departed the scene.”

According to a traffic hawker, Daniel Chukwudi, okada riders gathered on the road to protest, causing gridlock. “They set fire to a portion of the road and obstructed it. Later, police reinforcements arrived and fired rounds to chase them away. He said, “They (police) took the victim’s body away.”

Femi Moliki, the taskforce’s Head of Public Affairs Unit, however, cleared the agency of any misconduct. “I am not aware of the incident,” he stated. Today, our men did not participate in any operations.

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