Odunlade Adekola Refutes Sex-for-role Accusation

Odunlade Adekola, a well-known actor, has refuted claims that he expects sex in exchange for movie parts. This was after several allegations from different sources in the movie industry.

Odunlade requested those accusing him of demanding sex before providing any movie job to present evidence in a video posted to his Instagram page.

Those behind the rumor, he claims, were attempting to smear his reputation and bring him down.

“If I ever asked you for sex before giving you a job, come out and say it,” Odunlade Adekola the 42-year-old producer added.

I wouldn’t call those blogs because I can’t give them publicity for free. I joined Nollywood in 1996 and I’ve been trying to build my name to this level and some people would try to ruin my image just to put food on their table.

“They are trying to mislead my fans just to bring me down, anybody trying to bring me down God will bring them down.

“I need proof that I asked anyone for sex before giving any movie role, I just had to come out and clear this because of young ones coming to the industry.

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