Nigerian Woman Australian Visa Turned Down Over Homophobic Post

Dr. Penking, a Nigerian doctor, has taken to Twitter to describe how a close friend of his was denied a visa because of a homophobic remark she posted a few years ago.

Dr. Penking warned persons planning to transfer to another country to be mindful of the kinds of postings they make on social media, particularly those related to homosexuality, using his verified Twitter handle.

Citing a female doctor friend of his who was turned down for a job because of a post she made on the dangers of homosexuality a few years back.

Dr. Penking also mentioned that his buddy had obtained the scholarship after three years of preparation, only to lose it three years later due to a homophobic post she made.

He, on the other hand, warned homophobic Nigerians planning to relocate to be careful what they post on the internet.

He wrote; ‘If you have japa plans be mindful of what you tweet o. Today, they denied my Doctor friend VISA to Australia for a scholarship she won for Masters in Public Health because of a thread she made about homosexuality 3 years ago (August 23, 2017). They said, she is homophobia. Christ The tweet was not even hateful. She was just outlining dangers of homosexuality and warning people against it. They termed it homophobia. She spent over 3 years working for this scholarship. Where will she even start from, Haaah! Jesus Christ oo’

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