Man Loses Genital to Python Bite in a Toilet [Photos]

A man is recovering from injuries incurred after a 5 ft python hiding in his toilet bit him on the genitals.

When the snake nibbled his private region, the 65-year-old Austrian guy got a little more than he bargained for.

The man stated that he hadn’t been sitting for long when he felt a slight pinch on his genitals. When he rose up to investigate the bowl, he was taken aback by the sight of a massive albino python staring back at him.

According to reports, the snake belonged to a neighbor and had escaped before deciding to use the unwitting man’s toilet. The reptile was recovered, cleaned, and returned to its owner in a timely manner.

Pythons are among the world’s largest snakes, measuring 10 to 20 feet in length. While most ambush hunters target chickens, ducks, rats, household cats, dogs, and pigs, there have been documented occurrences of human attacks as well.

Pythons, sometimes known as pythons, are a nonvenomous snake family that can be found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Some of the world’s largest snakes are among its members. There are currently ten genera and 42 species recognized.

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