Man Caught and Arrested With Fresh Human Head in Kwara State

Femi Adeniji and Shittu Abdulmalik, two accused ritualists, were caught with a fresh human head in the Amuyo region of Offa, according to the Kwara police command.

This was said by the command’s spokesman, Ajayi Okasanmi, in an Ilorin statement on Monday.

The first suspect (Mr Adeniji), according to the statement, abducted Rianat Yusuf, cut her two hands and head, and placed her remains in an unfinished structure in Amuyo.

It went on to say that the deceased had gone on an errand to purchase ‘kulikuli’ and had not been seen since.

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It went on to say that the suspect was apprehended in connection with a missing girl case, and that during the inquiry, Mr Adeniji admitted to selling one of the hands to an accomplice who is still at large.

According to the police statement, the second suspect, Abdulmalik, admitted to using the deceased’s second hand to make money-making soap. “The commissioner of police in Kwara state has warned of severe legal repercussions for anybody who commit crimes and criminality.”

“The command, as a result, desires to urge criminal elements to quit Kwara state or risk being arrested, prosecuted, and permanently housed in penitentiary facilities,” the statement said.

The command advised parents and guardians to be wary of ritual killings among children for the sake of money rituals.

“An investigation into the situation is now underway. “At the end of the inquiry, the suspects will be charged in court,” police added.

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