Female Prayer Warrior Abandon Church to Marry a Fetish Priest

Despite the impression that she and her fetish priest spouse are incompatible, a Nigerian prayer warrior claims she does not regret marrying him.

Lolo Ebelechukwu Obi, 42, left the church to marry Dr Raphael Obi, her 78-year-old spouse and Chief Priest of the Idemmili god.

She told BBC pidgin that her decision was not based on love or money, but on the simple logic that she was chosen by the gods to be his wife.

A female prayer warrior abandons the church in order to marry a fetish priest. She claimed in the interview that she was a single mother of four previous to her marriage, but that her husband accepted her on the basis of her good faith.

Her choice garnered ridicule from society, she claimed, because she “was a committed church member, a prayer warrior, and even a member of the Jericho destroyers in church.”

I used to go to his shrine and one day he informed me that I had been chosen to be his wife and care for him in his old age. Pastors had previously informed me I had been spiritually selected at the time, so I knew he was telling the truth.

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I was staring at his age and then at myself at first. I didn’t react because I didn’t know what to say.

My mother warned me that I would not marry him if I told her. So I walked outside and started reasoning. And I recalled having a dream as a child in which I was clothed as a Queen (Lolo).

Maybe this is the dream coming true, I thought. So I was merely calm, despite my mother’s displeasure with me at the time.

I’m not afraid of the work since people used to refer to me as “eze nwani,” or “queen,” even while I was in church.

I informed my friends about it, and when they found out I married a local doctor, they laughed at me for marrying a Chief priest after all my church activities.

She went on to say that she had a poor impression of native physicians and shrines during her church days, but after marrying, she realized it is a religion similar to Christianity.

According to her, a number of pastors have been into their cave seeking spiritual help, therefore she feels the deity has power.

She stated she’s never had the desire to leave her husband after eight years, especially since she’s been told she’s a fantastic lady.

Many people, including my friends, are pleased with me now that I am performing well. I’m Lolo Ebelechukwu Chukwu Obi, and I’m the proud wife of the Chiefpriest of the Idemili Cultural Center in Agulu.

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