FEM Caused Me a Lot of Trouble – Davido Admits

Nigerian music label executive and entertainer, Davido has shared how his hit song, ‘FEM’, almost landed him in trouble during the #EndSARS protest in 2020.

Davido revealed in a recent interview with L’officiel, a French fashion magazine, that the song, which is the lead single from his 2020 album ‘A Better Time,’ gained attention after a random person played it at a rally to interrupt a government official who was speaking to the protesters.

“It’s crazy because we didn’t record that record. #EndSARS hadn’t even started yet. We dropped that record two weeks before,” he said.

Nigeria’s #ENDSARS demonstrations are approaching a fever pitch in mid-October 2020. At least 12 individuals were killed when the army opened fire on peaceful demonstrators in Lagos. Davido has traveled to Abuja to join rallies against the police’s brutal Special Anti-Robbery Squad and to lend his support to the movement in any way he sees fit. For example, he’s just used his clout to set up a meeting with the country’s Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, but he’s keen to clarify that he’s not attempting to position himself as the movement’s leader.

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“The record’s already gone, it was huge already. Then there was a little rally where this government official was speaking to the people and then somebody played the song.

“They played the song, everybody’s singing. He’s trying to talk, but everybody is singing the song instead. Then somebody got the video and it just went crazy. From there, it became the anthem of the whole– I almost got in trouble. I was like, ‘Yo, I did record that song, but’ It was nice to see them use a song of mine to be instrumental in how they felt.”

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