Duel Thickens As Kpokpogri Accuses Tonto Dikeh of Illegal Use of Drugs, She Reacts

Controversial Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress, has replied to ex-lover Prince Kpokpogri’s demand that she take a drug test.

In a post earlier today, Kpokpogri stated that he had ended his relationship with Tonto Dikeh due to her excessive drinking and smoking.

He asked that the NDLEA conduct a test on her, and if the results were negative, he threatened to withdraw the case against her.

His post on Instagram read: “Despite warnings by top political and corporate friends to be careful while dating you, I opened up my heart to you and access to the sanctuary of my heart. It was all love, nothing more. Apart from the love and care expected of you as a lover, you had nothing to give me. You gave me a refurbished hilux on my birthday without a SINGLE car paper, not even the custom paper or receipts showing it was bought and I returned it back to you. It took the intervention of your friend and my friend for me to grudgingly take it back from your house and park in mine.

“In our hurts, we don’t burn bridges for we will always cross them again. This tenet I have lived with all my life.

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“Countless times, I complained to our mutual friends of how tired I was due to your heavy smoking and drinking. I made it clear I was going to walk away if it continued yet you never stopped or made effort despite my willingness to stand by you till you gradually stop.

“Long before the voice note was released, I ended the relationship. It was no shock then that after I called it quits, you allegedly conspired with a blogger who already reached out to you about the voice note before the breakup to now release it. I’m ready to foot the NDLEA cost to carry out a test on you if you never abused hard smoking and heavy drinking and if found to be false, I will waive my right to trial for one year. This was what broke us up and not an aftermath voice note.”

Tonto Dikeh responded by requesting that the NDLEA invite her to a drug test if they find any evidence of drug use against her.

“Dear NDLEA, if you ever get a report of me on drugs, I would gladly show up,” she writes.

“I would appreciate it if you would provide us the privilege of recording the entire process. Thank you, and may God bless you.”

Tonto Dikeh urged him not to bring up old issues on social media and not to use her past to attack her.

“You can’t use my history against me. You should have left a relationship in peace if it had ended peacefully; however, you pushed forward with your blackmail and threats, and you really carried them out.

You pleaded with me to come out and defend you in public, but I refused. Is that considered a crime?

“How could I stand by you with such a belittling tone of voice?” I’d like to respect you, but you must first give me the opportunity. Respect has to be earned.

“This is my final statement on the subject.”

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