Create a Ministry For Herdsmen Affairs – Sheikh Gumi Charge FG

Provocative Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric, has proposed for the creation of a ministry of nomadic affairs to supervise all concerns relating to herdsmen in the country. Even as he denied having compassion for bandits, he said this.

Sheikh Gumi penned an article titled ‘War Has Never Been a Solution Anywhere, Anytime’ on his verified Facebook page on Friday morning, perhaps in response to someone who branded him a bandit-lover.

He describes himself as a patriotic Nigerian who loves his country, area, state, people, and mankind in general.

The cleric wrote: “You bootlicker that called me a banditlover, I am not one but my country-lover, my region-lover, my state-lover, my peoplelover and humanity-lover.

He claimed that as a medical professional, he was taught to remove a brain tumor without harming the tissues, and that as a former military officer, he understands the ramifications of military action, and that as a cleric, he is well-positioned to speak out against injustice when he sees it.

Grant the Bandits Amnesty Like Niger Delta – Sheikh Gumi Implore FG

“I am a board-certified medical expert who understands how to accurately extract a brain tumor without damaging the delicate brain tissues in the process. I was a commissioned military officer who understands the purpose of the military and its capabilities. I am an academic with a doctorate from another country.

I am an Islamic scholar who knows the immorality of killing innocent lives. So, silence, for me, in this ocean of oblivion, is not an option. He noted that the action of the government against bandits amounts to killing rats with an iron rod in a room filled with rats. He cautioned against military action against bandits, claiming that politicians had benefitted much from the Fulani banditry that plagued the country. 

“Only a fool would allow his dwelling to be a theatre of war. Unfortunately, how many fools are there? Killing rats in your rat-infested sitting room with an iron rod will end up destroying your gadgets and furniture probably without killing any [rats]. We should not mask our poor governance with artillery power.

‘Peace and negotiations with herdsmen and bandits have failed, and your objective has failed,’ some deceitful people claim. My objective, I say, has not failed, but it has been undermined or discouraged by the same powerful people who profit from instability or who want us to destroy ourselves and leave the herders in permanent ignorance.”

Gumi also renewed his call for bandit rehabilitation and the establishment of a herders ministry.

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