BBNaija: This Could Be Another Task, Pere Talks About Nini’s Disappearance

As the search for Nini, a missing Big Brother season 6 housemate, continues, Pere believes she may have been assigned a hidden mission.

Remember how Biggie instructed Nini to utilize a hidden emergency escape upstairs and flee the home for 24 hours during a diary session?

Saga raised an alert about Nini’s disappearance a few hours after she left the house. He notified his housemates, who assisted him in searching the whole residence, but to no effect.

Saga was spotted in front of the diary room, looking agitated and upset, pounding and asking that Biggie unlock the door in case Nini was trapped within.

He stated that if Biggie does not supply Nini, he would not go to bed. The three roommates ended up sleeping in front of the diary room after an unsuccessful search for Nini. They were observed resting on the floor in front of the diary room with their blankets and pillows.

In the meantime, Liquorose and Emmanuel kept looking for Nini around the house. She was told to maintain the secret and not tell anybody about it.

BBNaija: Biggie Instruct Nini to Secretly Leave the House For 24hrs

Nini broke down in tears and expressed her exhaustion, so Biggie assigned her the duty.

The other roommates were taken aback when they realized Nini was unable to be located as a result of the development.

They searched the entire home but couldn’t find her.

However, during a conversation with Saga and Angel, Pere speculated that Nini may be on a covert mission.

It’s possible Big Brother has asked Nini to play a prank on everyone in the house.

“If this is true, Nini will follow the prank till the last,” he said.

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