BBNaija: No Other Lady Matter to You Except Me – Queen Clears Whitemoney

Big Brother is a fictional character created by a Queen, a housemate on Naija Shine Ya Eye, has claimed that she does not want Whitemoney to share his attention with anybody else in the home but her.

She mentioned this after her morning routine at the gym on Friday, day 48 of the program.

Queen scolded Whitemoney for revealing their personal difficulties with Jackie B as the two were washing dishes. Queen had been ignoring Whitemoney for a few days.

Queen hasn’t spoken to Whitemoney in a long time since she accused him of having affairs with other female housemates without her permission.

In the most recent spat, Queen accused Whitemoney of discussing their personal difficulties with Jackie B, his housemate’s love interest.

Jackie B came to confront her about the problems they were having, and she blamed Whitemoney for informing Jackie B.

“I had hoped to make you my buddy. I wanted to be alone with you. I didn’t enjoy having to share your attention with anyone else. Queen remarked, “When she had Michael, she didn’t share his attention with anybody.”

Whitemoney, on the other hand, informed Queen that Jackie B had to address her because Queen had previously disregarded her.

“But weren’t you the one who was neglecting her before?” Whitemoney had enquired.

“I wasn’t ignoring her,” Queen replied. On Wednesday, she approached me and inquired about my well-being. I assured her that I was OK. She said that she is aware of my problems with her.”

“You started giving her attitude from that day forward,” Whitemoney stated.

No, I didn’t give her attitude. Call her, let’s talk. When did I give her attitude? She came to me on Wednesday and I told her that I was fine,” Queen ranted.

She continued, “I was having a mood swing and she saw me yesterday. When she saw me, she ignored me. So I’m like why did you tell her?

“We had issues. I discussed it with you, that’s my personal problem with you. Then you went on and started telling her and other people.”

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