BBNaija: After Much Worries, It’s Nice to Have you Back – Cross to Nini

Cross, a Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 housemate, has expressed surprise at Nini’s return to the house.

Nini entered the house through the concealed door upstairs in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Cross saw Nini this morning and raced to her, hugging her fiercely and carrying her for a few moments. He inquired as to Nini’s whereabouts.

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Nini responded by saying she’d been in the house, sleeping on Saga’s bed.

Cross, who was taken aback, warned her to stop messing with their heads, emphasizing that she plotted with Biggie to play a practical joke on them.

Pere told Saga following Nini’s unexpected departure that he doesn’t believe her explanation about being on her bed the whole time.

“I told you people I wouldn’t sleep until I got to the bottom of this, and I made sure I did,” he said.

“Nini would never admit to being in her bed since I caught her sneaking in and that is why I came to wake you up.

“How can she claim she was on her bed when we looked under the bed while looking for her?”

I’m not buying that story since I know what I saw. I was able to catch her sneaking in.”

Nini crept into the house on Thursday morning when the housemates were still sleeping after completing her secret task.

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He’s glad she’s returned since their mental health was getting back on track, according to him.

“Wow!” Cross exclaimed to Nini. Where have you been, Nini? You haven’t been in this house in a long time.

You were not in the blue room, I checked Saga’s bed you claimed to be. This is f*cked up. We went through this house and you were not there.

“Our mental health is back in check. Stop messing with our mind, you did a prank on us. You and Biggie pulled this up.

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