BBNaija: Biggie Instruct Nini to Secretly Leave the House For 24hrs

Nini, a Big Brother Naija housemate, has been given a hidden mission. During a diary session, Biggie told Her to flee the house for 24 hours by using a secret emergency escape upstairs.

She was told to keep the assignment a secret and not tell anybody else about it. Nini broke down in tears and expressed her exhaustion, so Biggie assigned her the duty.

BBNaija: Big Brother Scold Saga For Revealing Secret Task

“While all the housemates are sleeping, use the hidden exit to leave the home and remain away for 24 hours before returning,” Biggie advised Nini.

This is a top-secret assignment, and you are not allowed to tell anybody about it. When others ask you questions, act as though you don’t know what you’re talking about.

27-year-old Nini is a Nigerian born and raised economist and fashion entrepreneur. She has four siblings and a wonderful mother who is always there for her.

She is a graduate of the University of Abuja and presently resides in Abuja. Cleaning, cooking, traveling, and photography are some of her favorite pastimes. She defines herself as “curious, dramatic, ambitious, and fun,” admitting that she enjoys being the focus of attention. Big Brother Nini Nigeria in 2021

Nini BBN entered Big Brother Naija because she feels it is a massive platform with the potential to transform her life. She is also eager to try new things and believes that this experience will prepare her to confront problems straight on while still having fun.

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