BBNaija: Big Brother Spice Up The Show as Pere and Angel Faces Fake Eviction

Pere and Angel, the two housemates who were falsely evicted during the live show, are now pitted against each other in order to remain as finalists on the show. According to Biggie, the couple, who have been sequestered in a “white chamber” in the BBNaija home, would have to fight their way back into the program with “trucks and screwdrivers.”

Biggie presented the rules of the game to the fake evicted housemates, indicating that the loser would be sent home, while the winner would have a chance to join the race to become the competition’s winner.

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Biggie said, “Welcome to the most intense game you have ever played. It is a game of trucks and screwdrivers. This game can only have one winner as decided by Big Brother. Win the game and you walk back into the house as a finalist and compete as a finalist. Losing means you go home as one of the evicted housemates.

You have two similar toys in front of you, one for Pere and the other for Angel. Also in front of you is a single green bulb that, as you can see, is turned on; nevertheless, for the time being, we will turn it off.

“The next time you see the bulb on, you must unscrew the truck,” Biggie said. There is a diagram showing how to put it together. You can only work as long as the light is turned on… If you keep going while the light is turned off, you may be fined.

“A word of caution: be careful not to break the toy’s component. You could be penalized, and the penalty could be as severe as losing the game. The housemate who finishes and announces first wins.”

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