Armed Robbers Ambush DSS Counsel, Igboho’s Case File Missing

Accusations that armed robbers attacked officials of the Department of State Service ( DSS ) are “shameful,” according to Pelumi Olajengbesi, one of the Nigeria-based lawyers for Yoruba Nation agitator Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho.

NG Times previously reported that Idowu Awo, a lawyer for the Department of State Service, informed the Federal High Court on Wednesday that armed robbers had kidnapped the case file relating to the Fundamental Human Rights Enforcement suit submitted by Igboho’s assistants.

His colleague, who was delivering the case file to court, was ambushed by armed robbers, he informed Justice Obiora Egwuatu.

According to Awo, the colleague boarded a car belonging to armed robbers known as “one chance,” and the armed robbers took his stuff, including the case file.

“In our country, we must put an end to this insanity. I’m sick and tired of it. The claim by DSS employees that they were robbed and their case files were stolen while on their way to court is absurd and disgraceful.

“If the DSS can be looted in Abuja, what faith does the common guy have?” Olajengbesi wrote on Facebook, “#Sickcountry.”

Igboho’s 12 associates have filed a civil rights complaint against the DSS for portraying them in the media as regular criminals.

The aides are seeking a court ruling that their imprisonment for more than 48 hours and their media parade without a court conviction violated their fundamental rights.

They also want a permanent injunction to stop the DSS from meddling with their personal liberty and freedom of expression.

The associates also asked the court to order the DSS to pay them N100 million in aggravated and exemplary damages for what they called a series of constitutional rights violations.

On July 1, DSS agents invaded Igboho’s apartment in Oyo, arresting 12 of his supporters.

They were then paraded and transported to the Federal Capital Territory, where they were held.

Following that, the detainees filed a motion with the court, through their lawyer, Olajengbesi, requesting that the court investigate the circumstances surrounding their arrest and imprisonment since July 2.

Olajengbesi also requested that his clients be admitted to bail if the judge deemed it appropriate.

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