APC Insurgents Group in Lagos Hold Parallel Congress

With the full support of the national secretariat, an insurgent Lagos All Progressives Congress (APC) group said it held parallel local government congresses today.

Dr. Abdulazeez Adediran is the visionary behind the Lagos4Lagos Movement. Its goal is to oust the Tinubu-aligned APC from power in the party.

On Saturday night, Adediran congratulated the newly sworn-in ward executives and those elected at the Lagos State Local Government Congress.

According to him, participants of the Lagos4Lagos Movement maintained a steady consolidation by electing executives to oversee the party’s activities in all 20 LGAs in Lagos State, as mandated by the APC National Secretariat.

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He claimed that there was no animosity in this.

“With this current surge, the movement has grabbed control of the party’s structure in all 20 LGAs of Lagos State.”

Members of the Lagos4Lagos Movement’s executive were inaugurated across the state’s 245 wards, according to Adediran.

“This has unquestionably proven our vast reach and capability.

“It also put to rest the incontrovertible reality that members of the Lagos4Lagos movement dominate the party’s administration, even at the grassroot level,” he stated.

In a statement released by the movement’s Public Relations Officer, Mr Akeem Adeleke, Adediran urged executives to be reasonable and democratic as they take complete control of the party’s grassroots administration.

The ruling party’s nationwide LG Congress was held in the state’s 20 LGAs.

The visioner, also known as Jandor, expressed firm optimism in the development adding that active democratic participation of all stakeholders was required for the enthronement of government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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