2Baba Leave the Country Amidst Marital Issues, Sparks Divorce Threat From Annie

Annie Idibia, a popular Nollywood actress, has announced that she and her husband, Tuface Idibia popularly known as 2Baba are divorcing.

Tuface Idibia has reportedly left Nigeria for the United States of America, according to the NG Times.

2Baba fled following a major brawl with Annie on Tuesday night, according to a source at NG Times.

Tuface is on his way to America right now following a major brawl with Annie. His manager, Efe, and cousin packed some of his belongings for him, and he’s currently flying,” the insider said.

Annie reacted by declaring in a video that has now gone viral on the internet that she will end their marriage because she is tired of the ill-treatment she is receiving from the idibias.

She also advised them not to try her because no one knows what an angry lady is capable of.

“Innocent is on his way to America to see Peru, but he lied to me and said he was going on a shoot,” she says.

I’m going to scatter everything. Nobody knows the wrath of an angry woman.

“My husband told me he had a shoot today only for him to pack his things and flee to America and his—– cousin, Franklyn helped him plan it.

“His family doesn’t love me, they hate me. They have been giving me attitudes for 10 years. Today my husband packed his things. He lied to me that he was going to shoot, now my husband is on his way to America.

“Planned by himself and his family all behind my back. I don’t deserve this. I can’t call any member of his family or even his manager because they won’t take my calls.

“Innocent is on his way to America without telling me. He is going to see Peru in America without telling me. I’m done, at this point I’m so done,” she said

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