240 Prisoners Release After An Attack on the Prison by Gunmen

Authorities say heavily armed gunmen invaded a jail in south-central Nigeria late Sunday and liberated 240 detainees, nearly the entire prison population.

The attackers refer to as gunmen opened fire on guards at the medium-security prison in Kabba, Kogi State, southwest of Abuja, according to a spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Service.

He didn’t say how many people were killed.

According to the prison service, there were 294 inmates in jail at the time, with 224 being pre-trial detainees and 70 being convicted. The facility was built in 2008 and has a capacity of 200 inmates, according to the statement.

Following that, the gunmen attacked the jail officers before attempting to release all of the inmates.
According to Punch, they were able to flee due to an early morning downpour on Monday. The building where the convicts were housed was apparently flooded.

However, roughly 100 of the detainees were re-arrested, while an unknown number of others willingly returned.

In Nigeria, suspects can be held in pre-trial detention for years. According to human rights organizations, jails are frequently overcrowded, and judicial procedures are inefficient.

According to the prison service, Nigeria’s Controller-General of Corrections, Haliru Nababa, has taken command of an inquiry into the incident and has ordered that all of the convicts be recaptured.

The spokesman stated, “He appealed to the general public to contribute important intelligence that will assist security officers in recapturing the escapees.”

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