On This Party Chairman Sit, We Die There – Uche Secondus Clears PDP

Uche Secondus, the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, announced on Monday that he will not quit despite calls from some members of his party for him to do so.

A Peoples Democratic Party caucus in the House of Representatives had asked Secondus to “honourably” resign from his position due to the party’s weak leadership.

On Monday, some PDP members brandished posters calling for Secondus’ resignation at the PDP National Secretariat.

However, in a brief statement signed by his spokesperson, Ike Abonyi, the PDP Chairman stated that nothing has prompted him to resign as National Chairman thus far.

According to the statement, “the minuscule minority demanding for his resignation should come clean and explain party members across the country his offense and why he should leave.”

He said “those tiny minority calling for his resignation should come clean and tell party members across the country his offense why he should resign,” the statement added.

“He said he will remain focussed and committed to the ideals of the party which he swore to protect and defend upon his election to lead this great party 44 months ago.”

The demands for Secondus’ resignation came as the PDP Governors convened in Abuja on Monday to examine recent events that have threatened the party’s unity and survival.

At least seven of the party’s top officials have resigned in recent weeks, albeit two of them later retracted their resignation letters during a meeting of the Board of Trustees.

The PDP has also lost control of the governorships of Ebonyi, Cross River, and Zamfara to the APC (APC).

Uche Secondus was more “preoccupied with keeping onto his position than preparing for next e lections,” according to the PDP House caucus, which convened digitally on Saturday.

They claimed he didn’t have a “clear road map, blue print, or policy program for the PDP.”

Secondus was also accused of having a “lazy and bedroom managerial style” that has resulted in “inept complaint management, despair among members, and therefore an exodus of members of the party at all levels, including a member of the party’s Board of Trustees.”

Secondus should “consider making the necessary personal sacrifice worthy of a leader in the party’s current and future interests, with a firm assurance of honourable regard and appreciation by the party leadership now and in the years to come, by honorably resigning his position as party chairman immediately, to allow the party an early start,” according to the PDP lawmakers.

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