N658m Spent For the Acquisition of Sniffer Dogs in Abuja, Lagos Airports – FG

The Nigerian government has authorized a budget of N658 million for the deployment of sniffer dogs at the international airports of Lagos and Abuja in bid to beef up security and also reduce the rate of smuggled goods through the country airways.

Officials of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria confirmed on Wednesday that the reinforcement was part of measures deployed to tackle any form of attack by criminals.

The figure was agreed by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) at its weekly meeting on Wednesday, which was presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Minister of Aviation Hadi Sirika told reporters following the meeting that four memoranda totaling N16,697,742,839 were authorized for the ministry.

He announced the purchase of eight airport rescue and firefighting vehicles for N9.5 billion, as well as an N658.8 million deal for the deployment of sniffer dogs at the Lagos and Abuja international airports.

The last memo that was taken from aviation, it has to do with approval for the award of contract for the deployment of sniffer dogs canine in airports in Lagos and Abuja, we will be continuing with this procurement and other airports as well. So, the total contract sum for this procurement is N658,762,783.36 which includes seven and a half percent VAT,” he said.

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