Many Hungry Nigerians to Hit Buhari’s Son Wedding

Thousands of Nigerians are expected to descend on Buhari’s son’s wedding tomorrow, despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Even with the raging third wave of COVID-19, the wedding of President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf, and Zahra Bayero will take place on Friday in Kano.

Nigeria has recorded 184,590 cases and almost 2,230 deaths since the outbreak began on February 27, 2020. The true figures are thought to be higher.

Many sick patients refuse to take the COVID-19 test, and families of those who died as a result of the complications choose not to tell the authorities.

On August 18, according to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), 1,149 cases were reported in 16 states across Nigeria.

Thousands of people have flocked to Kano, the site of tomorrow’s anticipated high-octane event.

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Former and current governors, ministers, legislators, judges, businessmen, diplomats, relatives, friends, groups, and other well-wishers from Nigeria and outside will attend.

However, caution is advised because the ancient city is still among the top ten states hardest afflicted by the virus. Kano is now ranked ninth, with a total of 4,036 people killed and 110 injured.

The Federal Government issued a red alert on August 2 for the state of Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Oyo, Rivers, Plateau, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.

More African countries are reporting significant numbers of new coronavirus cases, with Nigerian statistics now averaging 600-700 per day.

The Presidential Steering Committee (PSC), led by Secretary of State Boss Mustapha, has urged citizens to acquire vaccinations as a preventative precaution.

Although vaccine prevents severe COVID-19 instances, hospitalization, and deaths, experts warn it does not stop the infection.

After the United States donated 4.8 million doses of Moderna in fulfillment of President Joe Biden’s promise, the second phase of immunization in Nigeria began on August 16.

At the Kano ceremony, it’s unknown whether enough measures for temperature checks, hand sanitizers, face masks, and social distance have been prepared.

With the number of instances increasing by the day, adherence to safety measures is essential to avoid accidental fatalities or health problems for attendance.

The groom was given the name Talban Daura in the Daura Emirate of Katsina, his father’s hometown, at the Sallah celebration in July.

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Zahra, an undergraduate, is the daughter of Nasir Ado Bayero, the Emir of Bichi. Some governors paid a visit to Kano’s Emir, Aminu Ado Bayero, in June to finalize plans for the unification.

Due to their closeness, Emir Nasir Bayero recently expressed conflicting thoughts over Zahra leaving him.

Kano is under heavy security ahead of President Buhari’s trip. The ceremony will take place in Bichi in the afternoon after Friday prayers.

The wedding and a coronation, according to Shehu Ahmed, Chairman of the Organising Committee.

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje will present the staff of office to the Emir of Bichi, Zahra’s father, one day after the wedding, on August 21.

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