Lai Mohammed is Inexperience – Adeyanju Speaks about Social Media Rules

Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed has been criticized of being too inexperienced to occupy such a position.

Nigeria’s current Minister of Information and Culture is Lai Mohammed. Former National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress in Nigeria.

Some local and foreign news outlets have accused him of presenting conflicting versions of events in his country and spreading misleading information. This is obvious in his #EndSARS stories, which were initially contradictory to the claims made by the Lagos State administration and the Nigerian Army. Tim Sebastian accused him of being “out of the loops” in his country’s politics in an interview with DW TV.

After the foreign media released multiple footages to establish the slaughter of protestors at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos, he accused CNN of being “desperate.” CNN, on the other hand, had demanded significant facts to show that the news organization had reported “fake news,” as he alleged.

The statement was made by Deji Adeyanju, a popular rights activist, while chastising Mohammed for pushing on government supervision of social media space.

Mohammed had promised that he would not rest until Nigeria’s social media arena was regulated.

The minister was responding to accusations that he snuck out to the United States, US, to speak with Twitter executives about the ban in Nigeria.

Lai Mohammed, who called the allegation a hoax, insisted that his official travel to the United States had nothing to do with Twitter.

He said that his trip to the United States was to engage with foreign media organizations and think tanks to discuss President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration’s accomplishments and efforts to date in combating insurgency, banditry, and all kinds of crime.

Twitter’s functioning in Nigeria was recently prohibited by the Nigerian government.

Some Nigerians, according to Mohammed, were utilizing the microblogging site for activists opposed to Nigeria’s unification.

Adeyanju reacted by saying that the continued usage of Twitter despite the ban demonstrates that social media cannot be managed.

In a tweet, Adeyanju wrote: “Lai Mohd is too ignorant to be the minister of Information. His insistence on regulating Social Media only confirms this.

You can’t regulate what you have no control over. We have proved that with our continuous use of Twitter even after their so called ban

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