God is Furious, Reasons Why Nigeria Cannot Get Right Leaders – Primate Ayodele

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, declared on Tuesday that God is furious with Nigeria because of the judicial system’s unfairness.

Primate Ayodele, who blamed the courts for some of Nigeria’s current woes, predicted that the country will never have the appropriate leaders.

He predicted that Nigeria’s situation will worsen as a result of the judiciary’s purported injustice.

Because Nigeria has chosen the politics of money, the cleric claims that the justice system has given authority to the wrong people.

The preacher noted that Nigeria is going through difficult times as a result of widespread injustice, according to a statement released by his media office.

Primate Ayodele used the Imo State Supreme Court decision to appoint Hope Uzodinma as governor of the state despite finishing fourth in the poll.

In addition, Primate Ayodele explained that the rightful winner of the Okigwe Senatorial Election, which was held last year but not declared until later this year, was the PDP’s Emmanuel Okewulonu, because the ruling party had no candidate and the one who was declared as the candidate had a confirmed certificate scandal, but the judiciary preferred giving a pass.

He also asked Nigerians and the courts to refrain from engaging in money politics if the country is to progress.

He said: “Unless we stop the politics of money in Nigeria, the country will continue to deteriorate because the wrong people have been given power. The judiciary has played a huge role in giving power to the wrong people even when they know it but the love of money has made injustice surround the country.

“Due to the injustice in the land, things happening in Nigeria at the moment are expected because God isn’t always happy with such nations. In Nigeria, if we don’t stop the politics of money, we will not get the right leaders who will take us seriously, Nigeria will continue to deteriorate.

“For example, Imo state is a case study for the corrupt practices in the judiciary system. The current governor, Hope Uzodinma came fourth in the governorship election but because of the politics of money, the judiciary system found a way to declare him winner of the election, we all can see how Imo state has become ungovernable for the governor as a result of insurgents, killings, attacks and other social vices”

“In Imo north senatorial district, the judiciary system declared Frank Ibezim as the winner of the bye election that took place in December 2020 whereas, it has been confirmed that he has discrepancies in his certificate. The ruling party had no candidate for the election and the candidate of the PDP, Emmanuel Okewulonu should be declared winner but the judiciary failed because of the politics of money”

“Nigerians and the judiciary system need to desist from this act of politics of money if we want the country to move forward or else, we will keep experiencing hardship.”

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