Angry Youths Dump Corpses At Government House In Plateau

Following an attack on Yelwan Zangam village in the Jos North Local Government Area, enraged youths and demonstrators deposited more than 20 bodies at the main entrance of Plateau State Government House in Little Rayfield.

The motives for the night attack, which community leaders allege killed 37 lives, have a variety of explanations.

Hundreds of enraged youths staged a demonstration on Wednesday in the aftermath of a night attack on Yelwan Zangam, an Anaguta-populated hamlet on the outskirts of Jos, the state capital, on Tuesday.

Herders, according to the families of some of the victims, carried out the attack.

While Plateau State police have acknowledged the incident, they have yet to reveal the exact number of individuals slain or the identity of the perpetrator.

Angry teenagers and women, on the other hand, sobbed and cried out for justice as security officials barred them from entering Plateau’s seat of government on Wednesday.

The villagers of Yelwan Zangam had carried the bodies of the victims to Plateau Hospital on Wednesday to be deposited in the mortuary.

Angry adolescents, on the other hand, attacked the hospital, loaded the bodies into pickup trucks, and drove them less than a kilometer to the State House of Assembly.

Following that, the teenagers moved some of the bodies to Little Rayfield, where they were lined up in front of the government building. Men, women, and children are among the victims.

Residents of Yelwan Zangam claimed that herders attacked their community, killing 37 people and torching several homes and vehicles.

ASP Ubah Gabriel, a spokesman for the Plateau State Police State Command, and Major Ishaku Gaji, a spokesman for Operation Safe Haven (OPSH), both acknowledged the attack but stated further details would be released later.

No official number of casualties has been revealed as of the time of reporting this article, however Yakubu Bagudu, a resident of Yelwan Zangam and the son of the village’s traditional chief, stated they counted 37 bodies.

He said, “Some of the victims were burnt in a house where they were taking cover in the home of the community leader.

“The community leader is alive but my brother was killed in the incident. My house and my car were burnt too. For now, there is an allegation the attack was launched by Fulani herders.”

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