Sunday Igboho Writes Buhari, Demands N500m as Damages

Chief Yomi Alliyu has written to the Federal Government, the lawyer to Yoruba militant, Sunday Igboho, demanding N500m from the DSS, staff of the State Services Department, which raided his home after the invasion of his customer’s house.

NG Times Online News reported that Igboho’s Ibadan home has been stormed by DSS operatives and at least two of his aid workers killed and his wife and many more were kidnapped.

After the incident, a number of Igboho’s helpers spoke to journalists, saying that the secret police killed 5 people and took away N3 million, jewelry, iPhones, and other items of value.

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But the activist requested N500m as compensation for the losses done by the DSS officers from a letter titled, “Illegal Gang, grossly inconstitutional invasion of Igboho’s residence on Sunday” signed by Saturday’s lawyer Yomi Alliyu (SAN).

The lawyer said the money would be used to replace the exotic automobiles of its customer, including the G-Class Mercedes Benz and the 2019 Lexus car.

“We hereby demand that the Federal Government order an enquiry on the actions of various DSS safety officials who raided the house of Chief Sunday Adeyemo to sanction them and release all the innocent people who were arrested and to compensate the families of those who were assassinated.”

As compensation for damage to its exotic cars including Mercedes Benz G class and Lexus 2019 our customer should also be paid N500m. We also request an excuse from the public.

“It was not asked to enter, they shot into the house and allegedly killed 7 people, although DSS spokesperson acknowledged the murder of two people involved in the barbaric raid, which involved an old Imam who had prayed to the Muslim people and observed a Tahjud. An invader lady said, “When you get him gun him down.” He was reportedly crying.

The Igboho attack did not stop the Yoruba Nation rally in Lagos on Saturday, when hundreds of activist supporters stormed the state despite the presence of heavily armed security personnel.

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