Residents and bouncers battle for money at Obi Cubana’s mother’s funeral (video)

A video of neighbors and bouncers struggling to pick up money sprayed at Obi Cubana’s mother’s funeral, dubbed “the party of the year,” has gone viral.

Obi Cubana, a well-known Nigerian millionaire businessman, laid his mother to rest yesterday, July 16th, in Oba, Anambra state, and the overwhelming display of riches during the event caused social media to buzz.

Residents and even bouncers struggled to pick up money as attendees made money rain at the celebration, according to the footage, which has since gone viral.

Remember how legendary actor Kanayo O. Kanayo flaunted the cash bundles he was about to spray at Obi Cubana’s mother’s funeral on social media?

He showed off the bundles of money that he would be spraying at the burial in a video posted on his official Instagram page, which would definitely pass as “the party of the year.”

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