Re: How I Love The ‘Evil’ of Prophet TB Joshua

The viral story credited to Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, with the headline, How I Love the “Evil” of Prophet TB Joshua, was really authored by a completely different person.

The story’s attribution is false because the aforementioned comment did not come from the Senior Pastor.

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Enenche Obonyilo Peter, commonly known as Enenche Enenche, is a comedian who wrote the narrative, which was initially published on Daily Post online with his name plainly placed below the article.

To clarify, Enenche Enenche is an entertainer, whereas Dr. Paul Paul Enenche is a preacher, and the two are not the same person.

Any attribution of the article to Dr. Paul Enenche is incorrect and deceptive, thus everyone sharing the story should be aware of who the true author is.

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