Obi Cubana may be on Watchlist when Travelling Abroad – Deji Adeyanju

Deji Adeyanju, an activist and leader of Concerned Nigerians, has warned that Obi Iyiegbu, the wealthy club owner, may be put on a watchlist anytime he travels abroad due to his opulent show of riches.

Obi, popularly known as Obi Cubana, became a social media sensation after photos and videos of his friends and allies throwing money at him at his mother’s funeral went viral. The businessman was also spotted displaying his fortune by flinging many wads of cash at people.

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Deji Adeyanju revealed the following on Twitter about the development:

“If Obi Cubana had acted responsibly last week, he wouldn’t need all these explanations now. Every time he’s travelling abroad, he will be watched as a “Person of Interest”. The financial and security world exchange intel. He didn’t need to draw so much attention to himself.”

“You know someone that truly loves God when they have money and everything in life but still depend on God for everything. Anyone in need can rely on God.

“Some people, small money and comfort; they are atheist already. But guy, I used to know you as a believer when you were broke.”

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