Man Uses Bed Sheet to Escape Australian Covid-19 Quarantine

Following a battle with Covid-19 variant, An Austrailian man has used bed sheet to escape an Australian Covid-19 Quarantine center after fleeing his hotel room while being told to return to Queensland. The 39-year-old man has now been apprehended and charged.

The daring escape comes as Australia battles a local outbreak of the Delta strain, which started on June 16 with a limo driver from Bondi, Sydney, transporting international flight crew. Hundreds of cases are now reported every week in New South Wales (NSW), with a few cases in nearby Victoria and South Australia.

Australia battles a local outbreak of the Delta strain, which started on June 16 with a limo driver from Bondi, Sydney, transporting international flight crew. Each week, hundreds of instances are reported in New South Wales (NSW) weeks.

More than half of Australia’s 26 million people are under quarantine in those three states, and limitations have been placed elsewhere to prevent the spread of the disease.

Since last year, practically all non-Australians have been barred from entering the nation, and those who are let in must pay thousands of dollars to be quarantined for two weeks in a hotel. Because space in the state-run quarantine hotels is limited, overseas flights are selling at a lower rate. Thousands of Australians have complained about being barred from entering the country.

Despite the strong border security, Australia has been hesitant to vaccinate its citizens. According to report, Covid vaccination tracker, only 11 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, much less than the United Kingdom, which has 53 percent fully vaccinated, and the United States, which has 48 percent fully vaccinated.

As a result, when the fast-spreading Delta variety, initially discovered in India, was discovered in Australia, vaccination protection was limited.
Due to worries about blood clots, Australia initially planned to vaccinate the majority of its population with the AstraZeneca vaccine, but then limited the dose to persons over 60.

The Pfizer vaccine is recommended for Australians under the age of 60, but supplies have been restricted thus far. Another million Pfizer doses came in the country earlier this week, although persons under the age of 40 have yet to receive the vaccine as part of the official program.

In states where Delta poses a threat, this is raising alarm. Health officials are tracing persons who may have been exposed to the virus and advising them to isolate themselves and be tested.

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On Wednesday, NSW authorities said they had found 110 cases after testing a record 83,477 samples over the past 24 hours.

“Please do not leave your home unless you have to,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.”This is really serious. We have done well to stem the growth that other countries have seen around the world with the Delta strain. We have stopped the thousands and thousand of cases that other countries around the world have had. Our vaccination rates are so low, and yet we’ve done really well in stemming the growth of the virus.””What we need to do now is quash it, because with the vaccination rates the way they are, we won’t be able to live freely and safely unless we’re able to quash this current outbreak,” she said.

Greater Sydney’s lockdown is scheduled to last until the end of July, and Victoria’s lockdown was extended for another seven days on Tuesday.

Brett Sutton, the state’s chief health officer, said the Delta strain was more infectious and spread faster than past outbreaks in Australia.
“We’re not going to take the chance of opening up too soon.”

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