How IGP CSO Hamza, Ahmed Bello, Takwando Robbed, Kidnapped Daily Focus Publisher

On Sunday may 30th at exactly 12:00pm an armed gunmen carry 4 AK47 rifles stormed Nico quarters sokoto, the house of Mail on the order of CSO Hamza. Sanusi Muhammadu Inuwa the publisher of daily focus news paper and causes serious havocs to him and his family.

Armed gunmen with four AK 47 rifles attacked Nico quarters in Sokoto, the residence of Mail, on Sunday, May 30th at exactly 12:00pm. The deadly gunmen were sent by Hamza Galadima a security officer (CSO) to inspector General of Police, IGP on the instructions to attack and kill the publisher over a publication, publish by Daily Focus newspaper which exposed Galadima’s of corruption. Sanusi Muhammadu Inuwa, the publisher of the Daily Focus newspaper was the target, causing major damage in his life and that of his family.

Galadima is living beyond his means and acquiring billions by deception. He is a deputy superintendent of police (DSP), but he is wealthier than a DIG who has served for 35 years. Apart from amassing riches through deception, he is also a front for treasury looters who stole $5.9 billion from the government and seek to bury it in real estate.

A group of Good Samaritans published a daily focus newspaper regarding Galadima’s deceptive behavior. The story was immediately published. Galadima is pursuing the publisher with the help of several Inspectors General of Police”s Special Tactical Squards, or IGP STS, who are working without the authority of the IGP but on the orders of DSP Hamza Galadima, the arrogant IGP CSO, who is abusing his position with no regard or respect for the law and the human rights.

Any police formation that wishes to act must first obtain the approval of the IGP, who will usually write a petition to the IGP, who will then approve the petition. The petition will be referred to any division of the police for investigation by the IGP once more. Many components of the police force are under the supervision of the IGP, who in turn has issued a petition.

The Inspector Rapid Response Team is one of them (IRT). The Special Tactical Square (STS) of the A zonal AIG and the IGP’s police command sent a petition to any of the segments, who would then issue an arrest warrant for the person, who would then be apprehended and probed.

Galadima or his wife, who he is employing to conceal stolen funds, did not write and send a petition to the IGP in the case of the Daily Focus publisher.

Galadima is not the IGP; he is only the CSO to the IGP, but in the case of Mal Inuwa, Galadima stepped into the shoes of the IGP and ordered STS to break into Inuwa’s home in Sokoto, using cheasol and iron bars to break all of Inuwa’s doors, and prepared Inuwa in his bed room when he was sleeping after his return from Abuja vacation.

Armed guys used iron bars and hammers to break down Inuwa’s doors in order to reach him. Inspector Takwando, SP Ahmed Bello, and inspector innocent Audu of the Sokoto police command approached Inuwa in his bed room and assaulted him with an item before beating him. Other police officers who take part in the Nehemiah include: Five officers from the Sokoto Police Command, as well as three informants, are in charge of the operation.

How IGP CSO Hamza, Ahmed Bello, Takwando Robbed, Kidnapped Daily Focus Publisher
CSO Hamza men destroyed room door

The gunmen also attacked Inuwa’s wife, his older daughter Aisha, 16, and his older brother, who invited the family to the house. Inspector Takwando struck Aisha in the head, accusing her of talking, which may lead to individuals being placed in the heist operation that was taking place in the house, and possibly rises against the gun. 

A total of four AK47 riffles are carried by Takwando, Bello, Audu, and Ibrahim. Others are rummaging in the house.

There are eight of them. Takwando boasted of being a member of the notorious SARS, which was abolished yesterday. He also brazenly claimed to have killed so many people when he was with the former IGP. Inuwa is approached by SARS, who cheerfully assures him that murdering is nothing to him.

How IGP CSO Hamza, Ahmed Bello, Takwando Robbed, Kidnapped Daily Focus Publisher

When Inuwa’s counsel, Barrister Shesudeen Muhammadu, petitioned zonal AIG zone 7 for the disturbing Act, Krause issued a signal to the commander STS DCP Kolo Yusuf directing him to transfer both Inuwa and the case file along with the office for proper inquiry.

Regardless of the AIG signal and DCP Kolo’s orders to the STS Administration personnel. The Admin officer and CSO ignored the AIG’s instructions and assumed leadership of the mission, resulting in reputation tarnishing and the magistrate’s questionable use of bail. The magistrate is also suspected of being involved in the scheme.

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Administrative Officer (AO) AIG’s responsibilities include protecting the perpetrators from investigation and prosecution, notwithstanding the fact that the file that AIG requests has no approval. Inuwa Force paid N 300,000 to the two sureties and N 100,000 to the prosecutor, Mr Remi, to just verify an Abuja address. It was expected that it would cost between N 3000 and N 5,000.

How IGP CSO Hamza, Ahmed Bello, Takwando Robbed, Kidnapped Daily Focus Publisher
Payment made in the cause of bail

The N 65,000 is said to have been used to pay off judicial officials. He is compelled to send N 465 under duress to Mr Uzo, who then transfers the money to Mr Zitta of Keffiyehs prison, according to a copy of the payment evidence.

Inuwa was given the option of paying the money or going to prison, but after paying the money to the fraudsters, he was incarcerated in keffi prison for 8 days until being released on July 23, 2021, after sallah Inuwa had sowed his sallah in keffi prison.

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