Forgive and End Insurgency in The North – Gov Matawalle

Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle, has appealed to northern leaders for collective support to stop the indiscriminate destruction that is devastating their region.

Mr Matawalle made the announcement in a personally signed statement issued in Sokoto on Friday.

He urged elites and other politicians, particularly those from Northern Nigeria, to unify and confront the obstacles confronting the region’s growth and progress.
Mr Matawalle said, “It is time for us to put an end to the devastation and killings; let us cultivate the habits of forgiveness for our wrongdoings, desist from divisive impulses, and become together.”

Like many other northern states, Zamfara has become a hotspot of banditry and related criminal activity.

The brigands have continued to wreak havoc unabated, kidnapped citizens for ransom in large numbers despite the state troops’ opposition.

Pillage has reached new heights in several sections of the country, particularly in the north.

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Hundreds of students have been kidnapped in the Nigerian states of Niger, Kaduna, Zamfara, and Katsina, with criminals demanding millions of naira in ransom.

While on a reconnaissance mission in the Zamfara jungles last Sunday, a military fighter plane belonging to the Nigerian Air Force was shot down by robbers.

Mr Matawalle emphasized the need of northerners assisting the government in finding long-term solutions to poverty, banditry, kidnapping, and citizen idleness.

He urged citizens to face the difficulties head on, regardless of ethnic or political divides, and to fine-tune strategies to end the threat.

Governors from northern states took turns telling the president about their experiences, individual attempts to find long-term solutions, and expectations from the federal government, according to him.

”The President promised to put an end to the threat and restore the region and the country as a whole to their former glory.

”Regardless of whose party we belong to, we will remain focused on the growth of the country and avoid political differences,” he stated.

In light of recent events, Mr Matawalle underlined that the nation’s position and standing after 2023 should be a key priority for everyone.

He urged authorities to keep rubbing thoughts toward correct solutions and the nation’s developmental path of advancement.

He urged locals to see trends and develop strategies to help one another and remain unified for the region’s continued prosperity beyond 2023.

“To put an end to unnecessary fatalities and property devastation, leaders must reflect on solutions while avoiding selfish interests and greed.

Mr Matawalle stated, “Insurgency, particularly in the North-East, and other banditry activities have hampered economic activity, education, agriculture, and other social activities in Northern Nigeria.”

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