EXPOSED: Nnamdi Kanu Gravely ill in DSS Detention

According to his lawyer, Nnamdi Kanu is gravely ill in DSS custody and requires immediate medical attention due to an enlarged heart.

According to the NG Times Online News, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the lawyer for imprisoned Indigenous People of Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu, has indicated that his client need “rapid, advanced medical assistance since he is not feeling well.”

According to Ejiofor, the Nigerian government should allow his medical team to visit him while he is being held by the Department of State Services.

In an exclusive conversation with SaharaReporters on Tuesday morning, Ejiofor disclosed these facts, adding that his legal team had filed court documents to ensure that his medical doctors are permitted to see him.

Kanu’s family members had not seen him since he was arrested by Nigerian officials on July 18th, according to the lawyer.

Ejiofor said, “We have formally applied to the court in that regard (to have doctors visit him). We have filed a court process to allow medical experts to visit him. Whatever treatment they (the DSS) are giving to him is not enough. We want an expert that will examine him because he is still not feeling good. We want an expert that will provide him with advanced medical attention – not the type is given where he is being detained.

“The preliminary investigation conducted on his health shows that his heart has enlarged by 13 percent. So he needs quick and prompt advanced medical attention. So we have formally applied to the court for that. Let us see what happens in the coming days. So then we can pick it up from there.

“Yes, it is correct that his family members have not been able to see him. I am particularly worried. They don’t have access to him. The wife, the brothers, cousins and children have not been allowed to see him. That is why I classified his detention as solitary confinement and also being subjected to regular mental torture. If you have access to your wife and children and brothers and sisters, you will have some element of relief from your immediate family. But in this case, they are not allowed to see him. They have not been allowed to see him. It is only us, his lawyers, who visit on appointment.”

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Recall Nnamdi Kanu’s wife, Uchechi Okwu-Kanu, said on Monday that none of his family members had been able to contact him since he was taken into jail by the Department of State Services.

“It’s hard for me to speak,” the wife remarked for the first time since Kanu’s detention. I’m in a terrible state of mind. He’s been beaten and tortured, and I’m afraid for his safety.

Uchechi added, “I was always worried about Nnamdi. When you’re asking for freedom from dictatorship, you are a target. But when I saw what happened in Belarus and how no one did anything, I knew nowhere was safe.

“We’re just calling for a referendum exactly like Scotland did with the UK and UK did with the EU but the Nigerian government wants to exterminate our whole family. It’s a scandal and a thing of shame that Britain is not acting to secure their citizens.”

Three weeks ago, Kanu appeared in court in Abuja, hooded and charged with inciting violence. The Nigerian authorities had claimed that he was extradited to the country to continue his trial.

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