Elizabeth Trzeciak Arrested for Hurling N-Word Black Hotel Clerk (Video)

Earlier this week, Elizabeth Trzeciak slipped into a Super 8 hotel in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, late at night. She was staying at a nearby hotel but visited the Super 8 while inebriated, according to authorities.

Although the exact date is unknown, video captured by the hotel clerk shows Elizabeth Trzeciak in the middle of his diatribe while the employee sits calmly and silently behind the desk.

In the footage, she repeatedly refers to the employee as “Black man” and calls him the N-word. At one point, she offers him $300 after demanding he give her a call.

“No one fucking wants to look at you,” she taunts.

When he fails to react to her rudeness beyond filming, Trzeciak takes items off the front desk and throws them toward him.

“You know what your name is?” she asks before responding to her own question with the N-word.

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Trzeciak can be heard alternating between calling whoever is behind the desk a “Black man” and a “nigger” close to a dozen times. She also can be seen grabbing items, including a container full of some kind of liquid, and chucking them over the desk.

Boooooy, you must need to have the patience of post-Old Testament God almighty to be a Black person dealing with white bigots in Mount Laurel. I’m just going to have to take Beth-Klanne’s word for it that behind the desk was one of America’s few negroes who she could call a nigger several times and then throw liquid and shit at them without her getting dragged over the counter by the lice community mop on her head.

Anyway, on Wednesday, the Mount Laurel Police Department issued a statement regarding the incident saying, “On Monday, July 19, 2021, just after midnight Mount Laurel Patrol Officers were dispatched to the Super 8 hotel on Fellowship Road for a report of a disorderly female in the lobby.

“Arriving officers located the intoxicated woman in the hotel parking lot,” the statement continued. “She was identified as Elizabeta M Trzeciak, age 46, of South River, NJ. Officers determined that she was staying at another nearby hotel and she was turned over to a family member.”

The department went on to say that it wasn’t made aware of the video that showed Dollar General Ann Coulter going full Klanmaid’s Tale on the hotel clerk until “several hours later,” but once officials saw the video, a warrant was issued for her arrest and she was charged with “bias intimidation, assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct after a review by an Assistant Prosecutor from the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office.”

The department also noted that New Jersey doesn’t have the words “hate crime” listed in the state’s criminal code, but effectively, “a hate crime in New Jersey is called Bias Intimidation.”

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