DSS Warns Nigerians Against Flaunting Wealth in Public

The Department of State Services (DSS) has issued a warning to Nigerians about the hazards of public displays of wealth, claiming that they pose a significant security risk.

Paul Oduh, the secret service’s Deputy Director, Security Enforcement in Kwara, issued the warning on Friday.

He said this in a paper presentation, entitled: “Security tips for health practitioners in Kwara”, at a symposium organised by the state branch of the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA.

Mr Oduh hinted that such show of affluence in public was one of the factors that usually attract attention of criminal elements.

He added that uncontrolled displays of opulence and a purposeful display of wealth have the potential to attract kidnappers, bandits, and other criminals.

The DSS deputy director noted that this was not the greatest moment to flaunt one’s military might in the country, especially given the country’s current security issues.

“In order to avoid falling prey to these criminal elements, people must adopt moderate lifestyles,” he stated.

Mr. Oduh further noted that having a prideful attitude and sticking to a regular schedule can leave someone vulnerable to preventable attacks.

He emphasized that having unfavorable behavioral habits, such as staying up late all the time and traveling the same route every time, might place people under surveillance by a variety of assailants.

“Insecurity is wreaking havoc on the country on a daily basis. However, people should not be discouraged; security should be a top priority for everyone, and they must be informed about it,” he stated.

Security advice, according to Mr. Oduh, are given to protect and secure lives and property.

“Security will never be 100% everywhere on the planet. People should be well-versed in the measures they can take to safeguard themselves.

“Security refers to a safe environment free of danger and the protection of lives and property in which people can engage in authorized activities.

“There is need to accept that threats exist and people are targets of these threats. This is why people should put in place measures to safeguard themselves from such threats,” he said.

The DSS director listed types of threats to individuals, families and the country to include assassination, terrorism, insurgency, kidnapping, ritual killing, cultism and robbery.

Mr Oduh therefore advised people to secure their homes and properties with physical security measures like burglary proofs, protective security gadgets, security lights and perimeter fencing, among others.

He also recommended people to be aware of what is going on around them, particularly suspicious individuals loitering about a location, because criminal elements could be assessing the area for an attack without anyone knowing.

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